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Wild Horse Workshops

“I hope my written and photographic journey sparks others to join Lynne in her quest, and to witness, up close, the enduring beauty, courage and independence seen while wandering with wild horses.”
Jennifer Denison, Senior Editor, Cowboy Culture Editor,
Western Horseman Magazine
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“I want to thank you for an amazing wild horse workshop.  We both have the same incredible LOVE for our equines of all shapes and sizes and it was so enjoyable to be around them from dawn to dusk.  God has truly blessed you with a wonderful gift as an artist and teacher.”
Kathy Cline, Photographer, Florida

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“I attended a one-day workshop in Placitas.  Lynne was overflowing with information about the horses and their behaviors and interactions, and she provided some great pointers to help me improve my photos.  Her passion for the horses is contagious and she has opened up a whole new world for me that I never new existed.  I am fortunate to live near the area and am looking forward to returning again and again.”
BradMeltonPhotography.com New Mexico

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“Thank you for the most wonderful time
Words cannot describe the joy of it all.”
Rose Collins, Artist, Arizona

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“I had such a wonderful timeon a beautiful May day photographing several bands of horses with Lynne and another photo student from Santa Cruz, California.  This time of year is special since the mares are nursing their young foals, and the stallions are being very protective. As an artist, my goal was to gather reference photos for future drawings.  Lynne gave useful tips for capturing the best shots of the horses and described the different personalities of the horses.   Here is one of my efforts, a colored pencil drawing of Jasmine.  Overall, this day was one of the most memorable experiences I have had in a long time!”
Charron McFadden, Memories Studio, Rio Rancho

“We have been just thinking of nothing more than our most wonderful and amazing time yesterday!  You were a most wonderful guide and teacher for the experience and we will remember it always.”
Trudy & Thom Kaufman
Copyright Trudy & Thom Kaufman
” This experience exceeded all expectations.   It was great to get up close and see the majestic quality of these horses.  Lynne was an excellent guide who shared her knowledge about the dynamics of the horses and their bands. Thank you for a great experience.”
Diane Keller, Florida
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“My one day workshop with Lynne was a once in a lifetime experience. As a professional photographer, I was looking for way to capture the life of wild horses in their native environment. Lynne provided the perfect opportunity for this project. She was an amazing tour guide, facilitator of a safe and fulfilling photo session and a fun companion. Her energy level was endless. Her love of horses was evident and that translated to a thoughtful and compassionate photo environment.  I loved the images I captured and will enjoy sharing them with friends and family. I highly recommend this experience and would love to participate in one of the three-day workshops.”
Kim Francois Photography, Texas

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“I just wanted to say thank you again for such a fabulous experience! the day was beyond my expectations and you are very inspiring to be with. your intimate understanding and stewardship of the horses was a wonderful additive surprise to the day… i have yet to look at all my pics w/the family and guests running around but love what i have seen so far which i expect is a life time of reference material!
Andrea Bonfils, Artist, Connecticut

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“It was a wonderful day roaming around the Placitas hills looking for wild horse families with Lynne. She knows where to find them, all their names and relationships, and where we may see some action. She also taught me some really good technical tips for shooting as the light changed during the day. I will definitely go on another workshop with Lynne in the future. It was a great experience–the day flew by being in the wild horse world.”
Linda Rinkinen, New Mexico

Copyright by Linda Rinkinen

Simple words cannot express the feeling in my heart.
I had heart-jumping experiences (thanks to Brazos a stunning bay stallion), quiet times watching the bands, and a true learning experience that has broadened my view of horses in general. There is something so primal being out in 75,000 acres with the wild ones. A feeling that brings us all down to what is real in this world. No cell phone service, just our cameras and sense of adventure seeking these sacred beings out. I am so grateful to Lynne Pomeranz for sharing her world of wild horses with us and I hope many more go to see them and help preserve our sacred treasures.”
Rachael Waller Photography, EPNet member, California

Copyright by Rachael Waller

“I learned so much, and the wild mustangs and scenery were spectacular! Lynne Pomeranz was a terrific host and went out of her way to make sure I had a great experience! I recommend it to any horse lovers or photographers out there!”
Michelle Egide, Horseflix.com, California

Copyright by Michelle Egide

“I have loved horses all my life.  I went on Lynne’s Pryor Mountain workshop last year and couldn’t have been more impressed.  The experience of observing wild mustangs in their natural habitat moved me beyond words.  And Lynne made the trip easy, arranging for guides, food, vehicles, and a perfect environnment in which to capture these magnificent animals.  It was so good that I signed up for this year and have recommended it to several friends.”
Wendy Caro Equine Imagery, Oregon

Copyright Wendy Caro Imagery

“What a wonderful excursion! Whether you’re a professional photographer or a nature lover, it’s such a thrill to be out in the wild and experience these amazing animals in their natural environment, on their own terms – wow! I brought a brand new high def camcorder and was planning on learning how to use it. But after a while, it was more exciting to watch the horses instead of look through the lens! I highly recommend this one-of-a-kind experience!”
Phyllis Baker, Artist, New Mexico

“Now that I have been to the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory
in New Mexico I can’t wait to try the Pryors in Montana
this June with Lynne and other wonderful people.”
Cheryl Cathcart, New Mexico

Copyright by Cheryl Cathcart

“I cannot tell you how this past weekend has changed me. Getting to spend time in the presence of these horses was life changing.  The Monero horses were wonderful to see and photograph.  The Jicarilla wild horses took me back in time to another place.  I returned home feeling so blessed to have experienced these incredible horses.
Your workshops are a “must do” for everyone!”
Linda Sherrill, Justus Photography, New Mexico

Copyright by Linda Sherrill

“If you love horses, especially wild horses; if you are a serious
photographer; and if you think your idea of heaven is spending four days
with like-minded folks, then you really need to consider a wild horse
workshop with Lynne Pomeranz. We spent four glorious days in the Pryor
Mountain Wild Horse Range, and we came to know many of the wild horses by name. Lynne’s passion for wild horses and her tremendous gift as an equine photographer make her an ideal workshop leader. Plus, she is just plain fun to be with!”
Chris Reed, Nebraska
Copyright by Chris Reed

“Thanks for a great workshop!!   I would never have found any of the horses we saw on my own. And considering the weather, we saw ALOT of horses.  So I left happy with my images. There are alot of paintings to come. And each place that we saw has many images that will work for paintings.”
Sonia Reid, Wildlife Artist, Colorado
Copyright by Sonia Reid

“We felt like we were on top of the world. A tremendously rewarding experience with a great guide. Would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!”
Rita and Don Stillman, Arizona

Copyright by Rita Stillman

“Thanks again for a fantastic weekend and life-changing experience. My heart was so touched by the wild horses. I could barely see to read your book on the way home, my eyes kept welling up with tears.”
Shelley Paulson Photography, Minnesota

Copyright by Shelley Paulson