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These workshops are open to photographers of all levels. However, you do not have to be a serious photographer to attend.  Although many professional and serious amateur photographers participate, the workshops also attract artists in quest of photos for reference material, and some who come simply for their love of horses and the opportunity to witness them in the wild and/or to experience the Western landscape and other wildlife.  No matter what your purpose for joining us, trailing wild horses is a unique adventure with dramatic scenery along the way.

Minimal to moderate hiking is involved. If you are a photographer, you should be technically comfortable with your equipment prior to attending a workshop. Each workshop begins with a presentation about the behavior and social dynamics of the horses and includes photo tips about photographing them.  Because participants have varying levels of experience, photo instruction will be in the field, as needed. There is image review in most workshops, however, emphasis is placed on the unique photo opportunities.  Groups are purposely kept small to ensure an intimate experience with plenty of individual attention.

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Workshop leader, Lynne Pomeranz, author of Among Wild Horses: A Portrait of The Pryor Mountain Mustangs

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